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          Did you know...

          Astilbe flowers
          Astilbe flowers
          • ... that despite a genus name referring to its dull leaves, Astilbe chinensis (pictured) was celebrated as the most important new hardy perennial by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1902?
          • ... that Samra, a male German rapper, performs under a feminine Arabic pseudonym?
          • ... that convenience store chain Wawa successfully forced Philadelphia-area radio station WAWA to stop using its new call letters?
          • ... that Abdulatif Tiyua was first imprisoned for fighting for the Ugandan government, and later imprisoned for fighting against it?
          • ... that Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli praised the 2019 sports drama Captain for "delivering patriotism"?
          • ... that no woman was chosen as a major political party's nominee for the United States Senate until Ruth Hanna McCormick won her state's primary in 1930?
          • ... that the Kazachye Cemetery takes its name from the interment of Cossacks killed during the July Days in the Russian Revolution?
          • ... that Lloyd Trefethen and Lloyd Trefethen showed that, when shuffling playing cards, five riffles are enough?

          In the news

          Brigitte Bierlein in 2018
          Brigitte Bierlein
          • Brigitte Bierlein (pictured) is named interim chancellor of Austria, after a parliamentary motion of no confidence dismisses the government of Sebastian Kurz.
          • James Marape is elected Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, following the resignation of Peter O'Neill.
          • A river cruiser collides with another vessel and sinks in Budapest, Hungary, killing at least seven people.
          • In the European Parliament election, the centre-right and centre-left lose seats, while the liberals, far-right, and greens and regionalists make the largest gains.

          On this day

          June 1: Night of Decree (Sunni Islam, 2019)

          Wreckage of American Airlines Flight 1420
          Wreckage of American Airlines Flight 1420
          • 1495 An entry in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland made the first recorded mention of Scotch whisky.
          • 1794 The Glorious First of June, the first and largest fleet action of the naval conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the French First Republic during the French Revolutionary Wars, was fought.
          • 1942 World War II: The crews of three Japanese Type A Ko-hyoteki-class submarines scuttled their boats and committed suicide after entering Sydney Harbour and launching a failed attack.
          • 1974 In an informal article in a medical journal, Henry Heimlich introduced the concept of abdominal thrusts, commonly known as the "Heimlich maneuver", to help choking victims.
          • 1999 On landing at Little Rock National Airport in the U.S. state of Arkansas, American Airlines Flight 1420 overran the runway and crashed (wreckage pictured), resulting in 11 deaths.
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          Today's featured picture

          Green hairstreak

          The green hairstreak (Callophrys rubi) is a small butterfly in the family Lycaenidae. It has a wingspan reaching about 26 -30 millimetres (1.0 -1.2 in) in length. The overside of the wings is a uniform dull brown, with two paler patches on the male's forewings made up of scent scales. The underside is bright green, with a thin white line that is often reduced to a faint row of dots or even missing altogether. The iridescent green colour of the underside is a structural colour caused by the diffraction and interference of light by microscopic repeating structures forming a diffraction grating in the wing scales. Green hairstreaks can be found at the end of March, with their flight time usually lasting until the end of June, but they are sometimes seen in July and early August. They never rest with their wings open, to maintain their green camouflage. The males exhibit territorial behaviour.

          This picture, taken in 2015, shows a green hairstreak near Aston Upthorpe, Oxfordshire, within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the United Kingdom.

          Photograph credit: Charles J. Sharp

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